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Courses Offered

Cosmetology (Daytime/Evening): 1,500 clock hours of training covering hair, nails, skin care and makeup.
Manicuring (Daytime only): 600 clock hours of training covering natural and artifical nails.
Instructor: 500 clock hours of training, must be a licensed cosmetologist.

Classes require 35 hours weekly attendance. Night classes require 25 hours weekly attendance.



2019 Class Start Dates

Cosmetology Day

January 2nd

March 11th

April 15th

June 24th

September 3rd

November 11th 

December 16th 



Cosmetology Night              Manicuring Day 

January 7th                           January 7th 

February 25th                        February 25th  

June 3rd                                April 15th

September 9th                       June 3rd

December 16th                      July 22nd

                                               September 9th 

                                               October 28th

                                               December 16th 

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Protégé Academy is a TIGI Creative School of Cosmetology offering numerous advanced education opportunities. Specializing in Academy Style training including, but not limited to, live demos, look and listens, and hands-on classes. Here at Protégé, our staff is professional and welcoming as we strive to stay a cut above. Take advantage of all Protégé has to offer and enroll now! 69.jpg


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Gainful Employment (Cosmetology)

Gainful Employment (Manicuring)

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